Jess Arthur Mural Artist

Jess Arthur Mural Artist
Jess Arthur Mural Artist

Jess Arthur was born in Northumberland in 1979. After graduating from Edinburgh University with a scientific degree and a stint working in a London office Jess decided to have a career change; she won a place to study at Hampstead School of Decorative Arts and began undertaking a professional training course to become a mural artist.

Despite being primarily based in the UK, Jess receives commissions throughout the UK and overseas for a variety of clients. Jess has worked in the Middle East and has been working extensively in Oman. She has ongoing projects for the Ministry of Tourism as well. Jess is very comfortable with travelling and, as such, is always eager to discuss projects throughout the world.

Being a professional muralist, Jess works to a variety of budgets and requirements. Her work can be seen in various public spaces such as museums and theatres as well as private homes and other locations.

“My work is very diverse; one day I can be painting for a Russian oligarch, the next I am doing a commisson for the children at Great Ormond Street”

Achievements and Skills

Jess has an extensive skill set achieved upon graduating from Hampstead, where her focus on hand painted murals and specifically the French style of illusion paintings called Trompe L’oeil Murals has gained her much appreciation and respect within various circles. Other skills gained include Faux painting for marble, stone and wood effects, exotic finishes, antiqueing, distressing, gilding, stenciling, glazes and so on.

Jess recently had a commission for the Injured Jockeys Fund in Oaksey House, Lambourn which was opened by HRH Princess Anne (see below).

HRH Princess Anne viewing Jess Arthur's Mural