Interior Murals

Murals can be painted in any room of a house.  Kitchen murals look great on cupboards or above an ‘aga’. Bathroom murals can be as varied as sky ceilings, roman columns, birds, fish…there are endless possibilities!

When thinking about an interior mural, you are only limited by the free space. Classic examples of home murals include Bedroom murals, conservatory murals, dining room murals, or something for the children’s room. All these rooms can be incoporated with a range of designs and styles such as the use of trompe l’oeil designs or chinoiserie wallpaper.

Popular requests include – Kitchen murals, Bathroom murals, Sky ceilings, Trompe l’oeil Bookshelves, chinoiserie, hand painted wallpaper, kid’s bedrooms, Childrens nurseries, Dining rooms, conservatory murals, indoor swimming pools…

Gallery of Interior Murals